Sellers Union Group held the 2020 Strategic Seminar

    From August 14th to 15th, Sellers Union Group held the 2020 Strategic Seminar. For the sake of safety, the seminar was held in Ningbo and Yiwu respectively. Over 100 participants including the director-level managers, all the business partners and the representatives of the group's ecological shareholding companies took part in the seminar. The seminar was chaired by vice president Andrew Fang.

    First of all, vice president Rainbow Wang comprehensively interpreted the business partner agreement, claimed the partner's mechanism, valuation logic, rights and obligations in detail. Rainbow Wang also explained the corporate social value, corporate value and shareholder value, which gave the participants a longer-term, more comprehensive and deeper understanding of the value contained in the company and the mission of their own work.

    Regarding to the "three values" of the enterprise, the optimization and upgrading of the partner mechanism, the optimization and upgrading of the organizational structure, decision-making mechanism, and collaboration & sharing mechanism, the participants conducted in-depth discussions. 

    At the end of the seminar, Patrick Xu, the president of the group, gave a speech. He shared his recent in-depth thinking about enterprise operations with participants. Patrick Xu pointed out that benefited from the forward-looking business layout, extensive channel advantage, advanced supply chain management, fully coordinated information resources and rapid response capabilities, our group achieved the contrarian growth in the first seven months of this year by fully seizing the opportunities of cross-border e-commerce, export of epidemic prevention materials and import of consumer goods. The annual import and export volume is expected to exceed 700 million US dollars.

    Patrick Xu stated that the partner mechanism has become a platform highly trusted and recognized by all the partners after several years’ development. The participants had an in-depth interpretation and discussion of the background of the partner platform, operation logic, cultural values, and optimization and upgrading directions through the seminar, which could help all the partners to fully understand the value of the platform and know the direction of their own future business development more accurately.

    Moreover, Patrick Xu pointed out that we should deeply understand the connotation of social value, corporate value and shareholder value, keep the way of management (co-creation of value, balance of interests, altruism, and sustainable management) and create the most valuable business platform for all the employees.

    Patrick Xu said that we should continually improve the partner platform, strengthen the construction of corporate culture system and enhance collaboration and sharing during the work.

    Finally, Patrick Xu emphasized that although we are working in the ordinary industry, we have achieved extraordinary performance. We should continue maintaining the growing trend and try to create greater social value, corporate value and shareholder value in the next ten years.